“Neuro-Shield”. A new era of information security

An event that took place in London on 12-13 September 2019, may globally transform the course of information security. The “Neuro-Shield ver 1.2.0” system was presented at the private conference which was attended by our Belgian partners, who designed a special technological hub for this system. It must be explained what is “Neuro-Shield” and why such a trust for this technology was declared at the very beginning of this article. According to the developers, “Neuro-Shield” makes it possible to deactivate information threats in an online environment.

We cannot say that we haven’t seen such systems before, but this is the first system that has a function of one-time deactivation of both websites and social networks, blogospheres as well as video resources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, RuTube, etc. Here is what differentiates it from all preceding systems – “Neuro-shield” permits to erase traces of destructive activity, which have long remained on the Internet as a result of an information attack. At the moment, after numerous tests, the system proves 75% to 85% of effectiveness in the neutralization of information threats and the consequences of their impact. As you can imagine, this is the first time we have found such a level of efficiency. 

Particularly, it is worth noting that this product may deactivate entire systems legally. The group of lawyers who worked on this project meticulously examined legislation systems of Western, European, and Eastern European countries. The legislation of other areas such as Asia, Africa, and the Pacific is still being studied. “Neuro-Shield” system delivers to the market an innovative approach to neutralize threats absolutely legally. 

The concept of the “Neuro-Shield” system

1. Datacenter 

  • Dynamically updated finder database (about people, events, and organizations);
  • Currently contains data of more than 100 million social network users;
  • The datacenter is integrated with Interpol and Europol databases;
  • Continuously scans targeted social networks tasked to collect primary information;
  • Regularly gets updated with text transcripts of YouTube videos.

2. Analytical source 

  • Collects data according to the specified parameters utilizing an artificial intelligence system and neural networks;
  • Compares received data with the Data Center;
  • Complements Data Center with new data.

3. Computing system

  • Artificial intelligence system systemizes and structures data obtained earlier;
  •  At this stage, threats are classified according to 35 parameters;
  •  The system analyses vulnerabilities of potentially dangerous individuals and organizations;
  • Recommends decision options to neutralize threats.

4. Control and Decision Center

  • The specialist group analyzes solutions offered by the computing system and assesses their effectiveness;
  • Vulnerabilities are assessed separately and scrutinized on test models;
  • At this stage, strategy and tactics are defined taking into account proposed solutions.

5. Neutralization of information threats

  • The implementation of this stage is done by using artificial intelligence systems as well as involving specialists who coordinate implementation;
  • Tactical and operational decisions are adjusted in the course of the neutralization stage phase;
  • New mechanisms and tactical models are integrated and artificial intelligence systems are complemented. 

It should be noted that the utilization of vulnerabilities and loopholes is the nucleus of this system. To tackle problems of information threats neutralization, we have investigated all those rules (public and non-public rules) that are administered by platforms such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, hosting owners and others. Owing to the vulnerability recognition system this technology can legally deactivate entire communication systems for relevant violations of rules. Note that “Neuro-Shield” works in three modes at the same time: automatic, semi-automatic and manual control. 
For this reason, the system of artificial intelligence and neural systems cannot accomplish the task of deactivating information threats without a team of 150 people as of today. It is also worth noting that this system is available today in version 1.2.0. This means that this is not the latest one, and even though it has already yielded a fairly powerful result, we do not stop in improving it. Additionally, this technology is going to be enriched by tests, experiments, and cooperation with partners who have been involved in the development of this system. “Neuro-Shield” system will be supplemented with effective solutions and methods that will significantly increase its effectiveness. For our part, we are grateful to our Belgian partners, who are authorized to present this product via franchising in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Italy. As a result of our business relationship, it will empower us to provide services for Foin Cyber Security clients.